Day 3

So far, so good. Apart from seeing that Joey Barton is going to West Ham on Twitter, the only football-related item I have glimpsed all day is a picture of Olivier Giroud’s forehead on the cover of the Indy. This was rapidly dispatched by my daughter with some keen scissor action along with the entire football section of the paper. My main issue now is that there’s a copy of the Evening Standard nestling on the kitchen table and I’m itching to read the cover story. I also need to work out a way of dispatching the footy news that doesn’t turn the rest of the sports pages into tiny, scattered ribbons.

Things I have discovered today:

  1. This is going to be far, far harder than I anticipated.
  2. It’s virtually impossible to pick up a copy of the Indy with your eyes shut.
  3. Tesco staff don’t take too kindly to having their neat stack of newspapers knocked onto the floor.
  4. Children are brilliant for diverting the blame.

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